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In between all fashion blogs it‘s not so easy to find someone blogging about eco fashion. Today we would like to present you 5 blogs we get inspired by all the time. The focuses differ: vegan food, slow traveling, vintage hotspots, minimalistic lifestyle and one thing they all have in common: Fair and sustainable fashion outfit ideas and shopping tips.

Most of the blogs are in written in German, some additionally in English. Make sure to stop by from time to time. It’s totally worth it!



Not about art, not about children (As you might have guessed due to the German name). But: Quite a bit of French nonchalance meets nordic impulses meets vintage fashion.  Anna and Esther from Kunstkinder Mag show you how this is possible and how to do it the right (and sustainable) way – even they are from Hamburg and not from Paris. Their wardrobe is filled with beautiful second hand and vintage clothes, next to some must have eco fashion items. We keep asking ourselves when they get to take all these beautiful pictures since we are often facing rainy weather here in Hamburg?? Make sure to stop by their blog for effotless and fair outfit ideas, as well as all different kinds of events around slow fashion based in Hamburg.

Their Instagram Account: @kunstkinder_mag

Psssst. Anna is wearing our Kimono SAO and Esther our Coat EUROPA!

Eco Fashion Blogger Kunstkinder

Eco Fashion Blogger Kunstkinder


All (beautiful!) pictures by Kunstkinder Mag.



Beautiful Justine lives in Vienna and she’s all about  food, fashion and lifestyle. A passionate vegan – as you might have guessed due to her blog‘s name. She shows you how simple the transition was for her with amazing recipes and outfit posts. When it come to fashion, Jusitne has a clear mission: 90% of all the vegan garments she buys should be fair & sustainable and a 100% not boring. We had the pleasure to briefly meet her at the Green Showroom last summer and believe us this girl has a lot of energy and blogs fiercely. Whether vegan, vegetarian or non of them – It’s always a good idea to visit her blog Justine kept calm and went vegan.

Instagram: @justinekeptcalmandwentvegan

And BTW, Justine wears our organic cotton Blazer PETIT-PRINCE. We’re in love!

JAN 'N JUNE Babe Justine

JAN 'N JUNE Babe Justine


All (beautiful!) pictures by Justine kept calm and went vegan.




Bina from stryletz is also based in Hamburg so we have something in common. Stop by her blog and get inspired by beautiful yet simple outfit posts, minimalistic interior ideas, vegan recipes and now also conscious mommy topics. Less is more is her credo and we totally agree. Additionally she has a very cool and outgoing, yet efforless style – especially since Hamburg’s women usually rather prefer a reserved outfit.

Bina’s Instagram: @stryle_tz

Oh, Bina is wearing our dress HATI VELVET.





All (beautiful!) pictures by stryltz.



#4 Subvoyage

Anna (quite popular name obviously!) and Julia started their online mag Subvoyage to show how to live a stylish yet sustainable lifestyle. Based in two different cities in Germany – Aachen and Cologne – the two sisters make sure you you‘ll get a daily dose of recipes, fair fashion inspiration and natural cosmetics. You don’t know where and how to start with a sustainable lifestyle? Stop by these two eco fashion blogger for some inspiration.

Anna and Julia on Instagram: @subvoyage

Have you spotted our dress HATI GREY MELANGE and scarf ROSS Julia is wearing?





All (beautiful!) pictures by Subvoyage.



Louise is the only one of today’s 5 eco fashion blogger that is not based in Germany. She lives in Lille and her blog is called Alias Louise. Therefore her blog posts are in French and in English so don‘t worry if your French is still on high school level. Make sure to stop by. Her style is quite feminie yet French -minimalistic. Since she is a vegan all her outfits are. So far she’s the only blogger we haven’t met yet. We’d really like to! Maybe she’ll visit Berlin Fashion Week in January?

Louise’s Instagram: @aliaslouise





All (beautiful!) pictures by Alias Louise.


That’s it for today! Part #3 of our favorite eco fashion blogger and JAN ‘N JUNE Babes is coming soon!