Organic Linen

Luxurious linen

At JAN ‘N JUNE used organic linen for the first time in the 2017 summer collection. Linen fabric is not sensitive to dirt, but very prone to wrinkles because the elasticity is low. It absorbs moisture well and dries again quickly. Textiles made of linen are a little stiff and hardly stretchable (ca. 2 %) due to thicker cells. Also, they have a smooth surface, cool touch and are lint-free. Linen is ideal for summer clothing because the fabric has a cooling effect and moisture is transported to the surface. In addition to that, linen is tear-resistant, durable and consistent in its form. We use organic linen as jersey fabric for tops and t-shirts. It is GOTS-cetified.

Why organic linen?
There are a lot of ecological and social advantages in the cultivation of organic linen. For example the use of chemical fungicides and insecticides is not allowed. The use of mineral fertilizers is not allowed. Dressed seeds are not allowed. Also, five to seven percent more seeds have to be put out in order to balance the loss trough insect damage. All these aspects are a plus for the soil, the farmer but also us, the consumer, since no yucky stuff gets on our skin.