Recycled Cotton

Another cotton option

Organic Cotton is amazing an a very good option. But when it comes to the world’s resources, we have to be aware that water and field land are limited. Cotton, also the organic version, does need both – and a lot of it. For that reason we need other options. One of them is recycled cotton. In contrary to polyester or polyamide, cotton is recycled mechanically. The process is more difficult and the recycled product lacks in quality compared to virgin cotton yarns. Therfore a fabric can never be 100% recycled cotton. It always needs new cotton yarns to ensure high quality and long lasting fabrics. At JAN ‘N JUNE we use recycled cotton for scarves and sweaters. We are not a 150% happy with the fabric yet. The quality is great and it feels good but to our mind the mixed in virgin cotton should be organic. That’s what we are currently working on.