An alternative to dirty viscose

Tencel® is environmentally friendly, made and named by the company Lenzing. The general name of the fibre is Lyocell. Tencel® fiber has a unique fibril structure whereby moisture is absorbed very well and transported to the surface. Fibrils are very tiny hairs of which the fiber is composed. The absorption and release of moisture is regulated by tiny canals between the fibrils. At the same time, Tencel has a very smooth surface and feels silky and cool on the skin. The production process is a closed loop for the used solvent and water. It’s based on wood originating from sustainable forestry.

We at JAN ‘N JUNE used Tencel® for the first time in the 2017 summer collection. Although we have had Tencel on our sustainable fiber agenda since our company’s beginning in 2014, it was impossible for us to offer it earlier. The reason is that our suppliers have high minimum purchase volume for this special fabric. We were not able to fulfil these requirements until now.