Have you met JAMMU? Well, midi skirt JAMMU, made of supersoft recycled cashmere, is going to be your elegant and cozy companion. Through the wide comfy waistband we arranged a high waisted fit and with the side seam slit you can show off some leg.

Want to know why we chose JAMMU as a name for our favorite midi skirt? So here we go: The district JAMMU was and still is an important intersection for trading near India. The area was a central point for the so called „silk street“. So we believe JAMMU stands for discovery and experience. Doesn’t that sound good?

Color: wood

JAMMU is part of the HANDLE WITH CARE collection in cooperation with rauwm.

75% recycled cashmere / recyceltes Cashmere
25% merino wool / Merinowolle (RWS certified)
Cashmere is one of the finest and highest quality animal fibers. It originally comes from the cashmere goat (although our cashmere fibers are all recycled, yay!). The quality of the wool depends on the height the goats are living at- the higher the better. Why? Because there is a difference in terms of the structure of the fiber: the higher, the finer and stronger the fiber, the better quality-wise.
Over the past decades, cashmere fibers and items have become more and more popular and are now used in the whole textile industry. That‘s why the overgrazing and overbreeding of cashmere goats in Mongolia is increasing dramatically. The result: A negative impact on animals and the environment.

To protect animals and the environment, we only use recycled cashmere fibers. At the same time, we are longing to create a circular economy, reduce waste and extend the life of already produced garments.

The yarn is made in Italy and obtained from post-consumer waste. The pre-owned garments are selected from all over the world and sorted by color and composition. The recycling is based on a mechanical process. The garments are shredded and then spun into a new yarn.
During the recycling process, the fibers are partially damaged and thus lose strength and quality. Clothes made of 100% recycled cashmere are less durable and therefore less sustainable. To produce high quality garments, „virgin“ fibers are added to the recycled cashmere wool.
In this case, the second material is Merino wool, which comes from the merino sheep. Merino wool has similar properties as cashmere: soft, light and keeping you warm. The used merino wool is RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified – which ensures compliance with specific animal welfare criteria. This includes f.e. fair animal hold in barn and enough pasture, no mulesing, strict rules in castration andanesthesia and many more.

JAMMU is made of recycled cashmere:

  • Please do not wash cashmere that often, cashmere is a high-end fabric and needs to be treated like a queen
  • The cashmere fabric is most likely happy for just hanging around. After a day of wearing the piece, please just hang it outside or over a chair to air out
  • please do handwash (your machine can manage handwash, too!) with cold or half heated water and wool detergent
  • After handwash, please wring out the rest of water carefully and lay the piece on your clothes horse or on a towl on the floor. Cashmere does not like to hang when it is still wet.
Slim fit.
All information given in cm.
waist width
hip width
slit length/
XS 64 74 74 34,4
S 68 78 75 34,7
M 72 82 76 35
L 76 86 77 35,3
XL 80 90 78 35,6
Little reminder: Your size doesn’t define you, dear.


COLOR: wood

75% recycled cashmere

25% merino wool
RWS certified

1. design
Lisa & Tanja
in Berlin
2. pattern
by T2F
in Portugal
3. raw material
recycled cashmere
from Italy
4. direct source
from Italy
5. yarn

dyed in
7. garment
in Portugal
8. washed & worn
by you
All over the world
COMPONENTS: Labels made of organic cotton in Portugal.
Hangtags made of FSC-certified paper in Portugal.
CARE: Only wash when necessary. No tumble dry.


our professionals in Braga, Portugal, who really know how to make the most beautiful and most sustainable knit pieces. Thank you, guys!


We are from Germany, by the way. So are you? Great, because shipping costs within Germany are just 4,90 €. You’re not happy with your product? No problem. Returns within Germany are for free. For international shipping please go to SHIPPING METHODS.

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