... our favorite eco fashion blogger!

Hey Babes, we know, we know ... it's been a while since our last post... So let's get started right away. Sometimes it's still not so easy to style yourself sustainable. Therefore we'd love to show you some of our favorite eco fashion blogger for some inspiration. In contrast to conventional fashion blogger they are rare (Surprise, surprise...). Usually you'll have to do a lot of googleling finding them so we're happy to help. Of course, this selection doesn't include all of our favorites and we are looking forward presenting some more conscious girls in the future either from the sustainable fashion or lifestyle section. Enjoy! xx Jula  

1.) If you are a conscious minimalist.

Bina from stryle TZ started her blogzine in May 2013 and is our greatest inspiration when it comes to a minimalistic and pure style. Less is more is her credo and we totally agree. Additionally to her simple yet on point styling, she's also offering interior and vegan food inspiration. If you love nordic vibes, definitely check her out. Oh - and btw - doesn't she look georgeos in our organic cotton blazer DUNJA and recycled pants MARLENE? Bina on Instagram: @stryl_tz Bina from Style TZ  

2) For French style admirer.

Quite often a French style is considered to be something "with stripes". Well, Anna and Esther from Kunstkinder Mag will prove you wrong and show you how to do it the right (and sustainable) way - even they are from Hamburg and not from Paris. Their wardrobe is filled with beautiful second hand and vintage clothes, next to some must have eco fashion items. If you are from Hamburg keep looking out for them at fleamarkets, second hand stores or clothes swapping parties. We ALWAYS run into each other and so will you. Esther & Anna on Instagram: @kunstkinder_mag Kunstkinder Esther wears our organic cotton t-shirt OTTO.  

3) For inspo with a bohemian touch.

Mia from Heylilahey was actually one of the first eco fashion blogger we got to know. She visited us at our first exhibiton at the Green Showroom in January 2015 and since then we meet there regulary (besides that one time she skipped fashion week for a trip to Bali - but who wouldn't do that?). Our fashion is rather clean and while everyone would think Mia's bohemian touch wouldn't work with that so well, she understands to mix different styles and still always look like herself. Make sure to stop by her blog! And look how she has combined dress EMMA  with a jeans-biker jacket by Nurmi clothing! Mia on Instagram: @heylilahey Eco Fashion Blogger Mia   We hope you like our little selection. More blogger we'd like showing you are coming up on the blog soon! Won't take us that long this time - promise. Have a beautiful Sunday and keep rembering: #byebyefastfashion ! xx Jula

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