eco fashion pop up shop

jan 'n june  x  nina kastens

14.07. - 16.07.16

German + English Version Babes, It's time for another pop up shop. We decided to team up with lovely Nina Kastens who designs beautiful jewelry made in Germany. Since the scene in Hamburg is pretty small when it comes to female entrepreneurship you tend to know almost everyone after a while. Nina is from Hamburg too and we like each other (kind of a necessary thing if you wanna work together). It took us a while to get this pop up shop going but here it is! We are super excited and hope for a loooot of visitors. If you not that much into online shopping, this is your chance to try on all our organic and recycled fashion, as well as some cool jewelry. All very minimalistic and fairly produced in Europe. Goes without saying. As you might know, buying local is a very sustainable thing. Supporting your local heroes is also pretty cool. So we guess, we'll see you soon, Hamburg Girls?

Starting on Thursday, the 14th of July we will open our doors until Saturday, the 16th of July.

Jep, only three days so better be quick to come and visit us.

Opening hours: Thursday + Friday: 12-19 h  //  Saturday: 11-18 h

Where? B-Lage Store Kampstraße 11, 20357 Hamburg

Who? JAN 'N JUNE, a beautiful eco fashion label and NINA KASTENS, contemporary jewelry

What else? We will start a little summer sale with special prices.

Oh, and don't miss out to have a look at the facebook event and click "attending". We highly recommend to take your friends because that's always fun. Also, in case you've wondered, you can pay with cash, with EC or credit card. Looking forward seing you there! Love, Jula, Anna and Nina  

Und hier auch auf Deutsch.

Babes! Lange geplant und nun ist es endlich soweit - es gibt einen JAN 'N JUNE  x  NINA KASTENS  Pop-up Shop in der „B-Lage“ Hamburg. Mitten in Hamburgs Schanzenviertel warten vom 14.-16. Juli unsere aktuellen Kollektionen und wir läuten auf ausgewählte Teile schon den Summer Sale ganz exklusiv mit Euch ein. Für Anprobemöglichkeiten ist natürlich gesorgt.  

Wann? 14.7. - 16.7.2016

Öffnungszeiten? Donnerstag + Freitag: 12-19 Uhr  //  Samstag: 11-18 Uhr

Wo? B-Lage, Kampstraße 11, 20357 Hamburg


Hier geht's zum Facebook Event.

Bringt Eure Freundinnen mit, das macht mehr Spaß! Und falls Ihr Euch fragt, ja, Kartenzahlung wird möglich sein. Wir freuen uns sehr auf Euch. XX Jula, Anna  und Nina  

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