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JAN'N JUNE proudly presents Spring/Summer '16

Hi Everyone, It's been a while since we've wrote a blog post. Sorry for that. Even we're doing slow fashion instead of fast fashion - times flies. So in the beginning of July  we've visited the Green Showroom in Berlin for the second time. Fashion week is always special and if you're there to present your label at one of the many fashion fairs you basically talk a lot, eat and sleep less and have no time to see the city. Because this time we were up for actually spending some time in Berlin we stayed for 6 days. The picture in front of the photo wall for example was taken at the Innatex Party. We met Jess, who is writing for Alabaster Mädchen and standing between Anna and me. Pssst - she's wearing our dress VIOLET. The Green Showroom was very great. We had a lot of visitors at our booth and our SUPERGIRL collection got amazing reviews. For example here's one from LES MADS. Now we're hoping for a lot of orders from our favorite (eco) fashion stores. :) Lots of Love, Jula and Anna 11659398_10153471155146115_4394460312912538525_n Pic by Nina Pieroth und Innatex FullSizeRengder FullSizeRender.jdpg IMG_5116 FulgglSizeRender FulldSizeRender FulfaslSizeRender FulalSizeRender

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