Swap until you drop

Have you ever been to a clothes swap party?

There are always these girls who hang out at second hand shops and flea markets and find the most beautiful clothes. I have to admit: I have trouble finding vintage garments that I like.  Most of the time it's not my style or not my size. Nevertheless, buying vinatage and second hand stuff is a great and very sustainable idea. Simply beacuase we already have tons of textiles in this world we can wear.

When I was invited to a clothes swap party for the first time a few years ago, I had mixed feelings wether I'd find something nice. But I knew there would be champagne and I just sorted out my wardrobe. So I went. Well... I came back with a coat and shorts, very happy and very tipsy. On top of that, this was so much fun!

We were a group of 15 girls and we didn't really know each other. The friend of a friend of a friend... This version of clothes swap was a little more personal than the other I will tell you about later. Every girl had a bunch of garments, accessoiries and shoes lying upon another in her lap. The girl who invited us started. She took one of her things and held it so everyone could see what she had. Then she would tell where she got it and what size it was. Now it was our turn to say something if we'd like to swap. If one of us would have something in return the girl liked - it was a deal!

The positive part of this clothes swap method is that everyone brings nice and beautiful stuff because you don't have to swap if there's nothing you like.

A different clothes swap party was hosted by Greenpeace last Saturday. Everyone brought max. ten pieces of clothes and all these garments were sorted into categories by volunteers. Afterwards we roamed around the different tables to find something nice.

I brought 10 pieces of clothes and came back with a pair of pants and a ring. But that's not negative. I had so much stuff that I'm not wearing and I know it made someone else happy.

Now you wanna go to a clothes swap party as well? No problem! Greenpeace organizes the next one on January, 16th in Hamburg. We will provide more information asap!

Until then? Simply organise a clothes swap party with your friends!

#swapuntilyoudrop #tauschdichaus

Lots of love,



New culottes i got at the Greenpeace clothes swap party and our organic cotton top QUINN.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-08 um 14.31.54

Offical picutre by Greenpeace photgrapher Korad Daleske.

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