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Swapping Party 2.0

Saturdays in Hamburg

Have you been to a swaping party yet? Anna and I went last week with our friend Fiona hoping to find some beautiful new things. Or better said: old things. Because that's the deal with swapping partys. Everything's second hand. Everyone brings some clothes and you can take what you like and swap how much you want.   To be honest: Yes, there's a lot of super ugly stuff. But one should keep in mind that what's one person's trash is another one's treasure. Anna got a white knit jacket and the hat you can see on the pictures, an outfit that looks a little like Chanel, Fiona found a jeans jacket and a brand new (!!!!) parka. You really need to dig into the full tables of clothes or - my  tactic - to tiptoe around every girl who's coming in new. Right in the beginning she will unpack what she brought and you can be the first one who gets to see everything. That's how I got a beautiful boho jaquard jacket that is going to Bali with me next week. Pictures will follow, promise! Altough I am not sure how to combine it with my clean JAN 'N JUNE clothes... We'll see! We hope you enjoy the pictures and we will let you know when the next swapping party will be up in Hamburg. You can also have a look here. Alright, slow fashion lifestyle lovers, new news soon! Love, Jula   Foto 20.02.16 16 13 13 Foto 20.02.16 16 30 50 Foto 20.02.16 16 45 32 Foto 20.02.16 16 46 02 Foto 20.02.16 17 03 03  

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