RTL at our office!


  When Linda from RTL called us a few weeks ago and asked if she and her team could stop by to film us, we couldn't be more flattered - and happy. Seeing yourself on videos and espacially on TV is still weird but it's the biggest opportunity to send out a message about sustainable fashion to the masses. Linda Muertz, the reporter, is currently switching from fast to slow fashion. So producing a short feauture about a sustainable and fair fashion brand and other eco options like clothes sharing via Kleiderei was her "baby" topic. Just because she's been so passionate about it, her boss said yes. We don't know yet when the whole thing will be send out, but we definitely let you know! Check out the pictures our new intern Gülsemin took until then.   Foto 01.06.16 15 39 00 Foto 01.06.16 22 34 32 Foto 01.06.16 22 31 06 IMG_5197 IMG_5117

Sustainable Fashion in TV

  IMG_5106 IMG_5045 RTL 2    

After shooting relaxing

with Pola & Mona

  Foto 01.06.16 22 31 02 Foto 01.06.16 22 30 56 (1) Foto 01.06.16 22 30 50 Foto 01.06.16 22 30 41 Foto 01.06.16 22 29 26 Foto 01.06.16 22 29 06

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