we make

Fashion for those who fix things

we make

Fashion for those who fix things

we make

Fashion for those who fix things

we make

Fashion for those who fix things

Hi there,

We are JAN ‘N JUNE – a fair fashion brand based in Hamburg.

We make beautiful, fair and sustainable clothes that give you the opportunity to say bye bye to fast fashion - without compromising on style.

Our styles are for those who share our values

Deep Sleeper

The ones who fix toxic workplaces – knowing when to show empathy. 


The ones who fix parenthood, because caring makes the sharing work. 


The ones who fix wastefulness by upcycling in fun ways. 


The ones who fix dating by being role models of self-worth.

we are fixing fast fashion

So you can focus on fixing the rest.



how we do it

eco fabrics

Mixing a bit of recycled polyester into a fabric and calling it eco?
Def. not enough. We're all about truly sustainable and ecological materials from day one.


Since May 2021 JAN 'N JUNE is GOTS-certfied. From now on we are being audited annually by a third party to guarantee the global organic textile standard.

Fair production

All our items are made fair in Europe. We work with six production facilities based in Poland in Portugal.

Quick fixes

Want to get a little bit more hands on?
We - or actually our tool box - got you covered.



What we still need to fix

 While a large part of our collection is organic cotton (not bad, but we can do better), according to our material standard there are even more sustainable options.

Goal: Focus on innovative and new materials and work with at least one new (innovative & sustainable) material per year.

Measures: Constantly research new materials on the market. Develop more sustainable fabric/yarn options with suppliers. (Re-) consider materials with lower impact on the environment based on newer studies.

The share of recycled fibers is still significantly smaller than that of „new“ (yet still sustainable) fibers.

Goal: By 2025t least 30% of the materials in our collections should come from recycled sources.

Measures:Adapt or replace existing qualities in close cooperation with our suppliers.

 Not all production partners/manufacturers are certified by an independant standard. One production in Poland is still missing.

 To only work with independantly certified production partners/manufacturers.

Measures: Identify which certifications are useful and possible for the non-certified manufacturer.

 GOTS mainly covers the environmental and only partly social factors of the products. We would like go further and also focus more on social standards, living wages and our general impact.

Goal: Not only being perceived as a credible and thoroughly ethical brand but also develop further social standards audited by a third-party organization.

Measures: Consider other certifications such as B Corp or Fair Wear.

Read more here about all other topics we are still fixing.


Sustainable and fair


Sustainable and fair