Manufacturers Map


On the manufacturers map you can see where the magic happens - overall we work exclusively with productions in Europe.

This gives us the opportunity to visit the factories regularly and keep a close contact. And who doesn't like short transportation routes? The Environment certainly does.

Most of our productions have been with us since the beginning of JAN 'N JUNE.

Through the long lasting partnership we were able to build a strong connection and trust. Therefore the production facilities barely change from collection to collection.

Since travel has become more challenging and we are trying to keep travels to a minimum, we will - as long as covid-19 is affecting Europe as much - continue to visit the factories on a regular basis, but less frequent than before the pandemic when we visited them twice a year.


We work with six production facilities based in Poland in Portugal. Two of them are knit manufactures, the other four specialized in cut, make and trim.

The percantage shows how many items the production partners made for us in 2022.

Production field:
Ready-to-wear, jersey, accessories, offcut collection

Working with us since: The very first beginning.

Employees: 8

Certification: GOTS

Last time visited: Mai 2024


Production field: Ready-to-wear, wovens, outerwear

Working with us since: Febuary 2020

Employees: 100+ 

Certification: none

Last time visited: November 2022

Production field: cut, make trim of jerseys, sweats and all knitted fabrics

Working with us since: 2018

Employees: 57

Certification: GOTS, Oekotex100, GRS

Last time visited: September 2023

Production field: knitted items from organic cotton

Working with us since: 2019

Employees: 31

Certification: GOTS

Last time visited: September 2023

Production field: knitted items from cotton, recycled wool and other materials

Working with us since: 2022

Employees: 100+

Certification: GOTS

Last time visited: September 2023

Production field: Jeans production with DAWN Denim

Working with us since: 2023

FAQs Production

Not yet - but we are working on it. Only Poland II is missing. All other factories are GOTS certified.

It depends! A lot of times another fair fashion brand or a fabric supplier recommended them to us. Sometimes they reached out to us. But we are trying to stay within the EU.