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The ultimate VEGAN COATED BAG.

We guess you know as good as we do: finding cool, sustainable, vegan coated accessories is close to impossible. But we accepted the challenge and found the perfect coated jersey fabric and created the VEGAN COATED BAG.

A cute little bag which fits to everything and is super handy. But don't underestimate it, it fits more than you think! The strap has the perfect length to wear the bag on your shoulder, even with more layers on.

The coated jersey fabric is made in Portugal (100% organic cotton base with a water-based PU coating). No, it is not plastic-free, but without harmful solvents and gross formaldehyde.

Length: 30cm, Depth: 10cm, Height (without strap): 25cm, Strap length: 41cm

100% organic cotton/ Bio-Baumwolle (in conversion)

Compared to conventional cotton, the cultivation of organic cotton needs 23% less water and produces only 1.2 kg instead of 3.7 kg greenhouse gas emissions. By using only natural pesticides, fertilizers and defoliants, the health of the soil is contained and the people who work in the fields are not exposed to these chemicals.   

Want to learn more about the materials we use? Head over to our materials site!

THE VEGAN COATED BAG is made of organic cotton (100% organic cotton base with a water-based PU coating), which is sustainable and easy to take care of: 

  • In case of stains, wipe with a damp cloth
  • no machine wash
  • hand wash only
  • use mild detergent
  • no softener
  • no ironing!


1. design

Our founders Anna and Jula still do all of the design work themselves. They are mastering that challenge, despite living in two different countries. Luckily they're pros at long-distance teamwork.

So the design process is split between Hamburg and Dubai.

2. raw material

Since the average cotton production is a pretty dirty business, we only use organic and recycled cotton.
If you wanna know more about the ecological benefits, compared to regular cotton. The cotton is grown in Turkey.

3. yarn production

No matter which fibers we are talking about, they have to be spun into a yarn for further production steps. 

The yarn production takes place in Gaziantep, Turkey.

4. fabric production

The next step of our Supply Chain is to knit the yarn into a fabric. 
The fabric production is located in Esposende, Portugal. 

5. manufacturing

That's where all the magic happens!
Our manufacturers receive the patterns, fabrics, and other components like buttons or zippers and make them into a garment.

This piece is made in Poland.

6. distribution 

As some of you may remember, we used to do the shipping and warehouse management in our Headquarter in Hamburg by ourselves - yes, that was a lot of work! 

Since 2020 we are working with our amazing logistics partner Livipur, which is located in Bad Homburg, Germany




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