Frequently Asked Questions

…should be answered… so here we go!

1. To which countries do you ship?

We ship within the EU. Have a look here to see all conditions.

You’re madly in love with a piece but you live outside the EU? Just send us an inquiry to

2. How much does the shipment cost?

Germany: 4,90 €

EU: 14,00 €

For more detailed description have a look here.

3. What about returns?

We won’t charge you for that if you’re based in Germany. If you do not like an item, simply send us an e-mail to within 14 days and we will send you further instructions. As soon as the package is back with us we will transfer your money back. Please be aware that this can take up to 14 days.

Unfortunately, for international customer we cannot provide free returns so far.

Please read Shipping Methods for more details.

4. Why don’t you have free shipping?

Transparency is our mantra. Therefore we rather show you what the price for shipping is than simply calculate it into every single item making them more expensive. Nevertheless, we’re constantly working on establishing better shipping conditions for you.

5. How can I pay?

You can pay either with PayPal or by transferring the required amount to our bank account and note the order number as your reason of transfer. As soon as we receive the amount, the items will be on the way to you.

You want more details? Check here.

6. How do I know which size fits me best?

Have a look at our fitting ‘n sizes page.

If you’re still a little unsure, just ask us. Our team knows how each garment fits and can give you great feedback at

7. I am currently a student and doing research on sustainable companies. Can I interview someone in your company?

Thanks for your interest! Since it’s not too long ago that we had to write thesises, we know it is really frustrating not to get an interview with a company. For the last 3 years we answered many, many interviews but currently we just don’t have the capacity anymore. We get 3-5 requests per week and can’t answer them all. We hope for your understanding.