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#byebyefastfashion was only the beginning – the next step is #byebyemicrowaste!
Recycling materials are great but the fact that all synthetic fabrics release tiny plastic fibers during washing is NOT great. Microfibers that end up in our rivers and oceans harm the environment and are a huge problem considering the climate change. The reduction of waste doesn't end at our consumption but includes the washing routine! The solution comes from STOP! MICRO WASTE, a German Start-Up that developed this amazing GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag. It is made of a specially-designed microfilter material to filter all the micro waste of your clothes. How it works:
  1. Put all your clothes made out of synthetic fabrics or blend fabrics into the Washing Bag.
  2. Close the bag via the zipper and wash as usual.
  3. Take out the wet textiles after washing and remove all the microfibers inside the GUPPYFRIEND and dispose properly. If you live in Germany we recommend disposing it in the residual waste.
Which clothes you should wash:
  1. Synthetic fabrics that are made out of 100% (recycled) polyester, polyamide, polyacryl, ...
  2. Blend fabrics that contain various amounts of synthetic fibers combined with natural fibers. Such as 5% elastane or 92% cotton mixed with 8% polyester,...

Happy environmentally-friendly washing!

100% polyamide

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