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Although we are now living in the 21st century, patriarchy still rules. Why the hell is that so? And what can everyone do personally to recognize and dissolve the often unconscious toxic structures?

This anthology with well-known authors offers assistance. Defending oneself against patriarchy is especially difficult in everyday life. Many things are so familiar to us that we don't even question them. Even self-confessed feminists fall into the same traps again and again. We exclude women through language, follow outdated ideas of a happy nuclear family including traditional role models. Or we adapt to male-dominated and capitalist structures if we want to be successful in our careers. The contributors to the anthology UNLEARN PATRIARCHY report on their experiences and trace their own fatal thought patterns. They show how across all areas of society, from language and love to work, politics, education or identity, patriarchal patterns of action can be broken and a better life for all becomes possible. "Major structural obstacles to thinking are analyzed in this book by bright minds. They help to unlearn what destroys the present and the future!" Luisa Neubauer

ISBN 9783550202193

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