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Perfect for the colder days, our new knit beanie BJON! It´s made out of a super soft mix of mohaire and wool to keep you warm and cozy. Aside from that BJON comes in various colors, like camel, light grey, bright orange and bottle green.

50% mohair // 50% wool

This item is made from a sustainable mohair and wool mix, which is super soft and a little delicate to take care of:

  • hand wash only
  • use wool detergent
  • no softener
  • iron on low temperature

By the way: Wool does not always have to be washed! After wearing wool clothing, it’s a good practice to let it air out for a few hours. This helps remove odors and allows any moisture to evaporate.


All information given in cm.

width roll-up7
Little reminder: Your size doesn't define you, dear.

Please note that the measurement refer to the piece itself and are not body measurements.
Wondering how to find the right size? Simply compare the measurements above to a similar piece of clothing you already own - you're welcome.



1. design

Our founders Anna and Jula still do all of the design work themselves. They are mastering that challenge, despite living in two different countries. Luckily they're pros at long-distance teamwork.

So the design process is split between Hamburg and Dubai.

2. raw material

More information coming soon! 

3. yarn production

No matter which fibers we are talking about, they have to be spun into a yarn for further production steps. 

The yarn production takes place in Capalle, Italy.

4. garment production

The next step of our Supply Chain is to knit the yarn into a beautiful knit garment.

The piece is made in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal.

5. distribution 

As some of you may remember, we used to do the shipping and warehouse management in our Headquarter in Hamburg by ourselves - yes, that was a lot of work! 

Since 2020 we are working with our amazing logistics partner Livipur, which is located in Bad Homburg, Germany

6. washed & worn 
by you all over the world



Made by

WANDA, AGA, WIOLA or ASIA in our very first production in Wroclaw, Poland. The production is a family business run by Jola and Irek. Without them, JAN ’N JUNE wouldn’t exist.

Thank you for your amazing job & our loyal relationship!

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